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GSO Aviation, Inc. is an independently owned and operated F.A.A/E.A.S.A certified 145 repair station specializing in the overhaul and repair of fuel, hydraulic, and electro-mechanical components for the commercial and executive aircraft fleets. Serving our customers through innovative and continuous improvements has secured our reputation as a trusted and valued support partner in the Aviation industry.

Over 60 years of combined experience have crafted a customer experience that insures unmatched service and quality in all aspects of our support systems.

GSO Aviation, Inc. has become a recognized leader in the regional aircraft accessory component service and support by OEM’s, operators, and suppliers who recognize our commitment to integrity, and excellence. Our market focus is narrow body aircraft including Bombardier, Embraer, Boeing and Airbus utilizing relationships with Eaton Aerospace, Parker, Messier, and Pnuedraulics components.

GSO Aviation, Inc. now offers fuel component capabilities with a new state of the art test stand built to our specifications for narrow and wide body applications.

Our Parker hose machine is another example of customer driven support services GSO Aviation, Inc. has invested in to manufacturer test equipment and ground support hoses.

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Aviation in America is rooted in military development and sacrifice. We are thankful for what our armed forces have done and are still doing to keep us safe and technically advanced in our time. GSO Aviation would like to introduce Cody Edgren. Cody is one of our Bench Techs and US Air Force Reservist.

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‘Not slothful in business; Fervent in spirit; Serving the Lord’
(Romans 12:11)

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